Mola Demi Beauty Dish White 22" / 55cm Reflector

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  Mola Softlights - Made in Canada since 1989. Among the crowded field of soft light... more
Product information "Mola Demi Beauty Dish White 22" / 55cm Reflector"


Mola Softlights - Made in Canada since 1989.

Among the crowded field of soft light beauty dishes the Mola Demi white is the international standard bearer. It’s contrast, directional nature, build and quality of light make it a must have multi purpose modifier for discerning photographers around the world. Perfect for beauty, fashion, headshots, portraits and location work. The Demi’s undulating design distinguishes it from competitors providing a unique quality of light, clarity, heightened shape and directional illumination.

This reflector is easy to use, easy to handle and extremely versatile. It is the first choice for beginners and an essential, multifunctional  tool in the hands of professionals. Combined with original Mola accessoires, this light former can be used for every task, from soft portrait to cool fashion.

Included: 1x Mola Demi White Reflector, white internal coating, black external coating, weight: 1,6kg, diameter: 55cm / 22", height: 20cm, material: metal/aluminum. 1x Mola Nylon Diffusor. 1x Mola PAD (Perforated Aluminium Disk) diffusor disk with spacers and hardware. Complete mounting hardware to hold a Mola Speedring.

A Speedring for mounting the reflector on your individual flashhead is not included. In our category "Mola Speedrings" you will find the suitable speedring for your flash system. All rings can easily be mounted with the included standard tools ("allen key") within minutes.

All Mola light modifiersMola speedrings and other accessories, such as the popular Mola Opal Glass and the high end Mola Cases, can be bought directly from us in Europe. We ship from our warehouse in Germany offering a DHL Premium Shipping flatrate within Europe. Order Mola Softlights from England, France, Belgium and all other EU Countries and you will receive your Mola order within 2-4 business days.

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